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Portable Digital Audio Players

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Good Evening Each & All:


I am putting together a miniature/portable version of a mobile component system, and I am now at the point in which I am about to select the player.


What I have now are:


Sennheiser HD-598 Headphones -- $250.00

xDuoo HD-05 Headphone Amplifier/DAC -- $200.00


I am looking for a High Resolution Portable Digital Player, and I want a good one that's going to sound good, allow me to compliment the other two components above, without breaking the bank.


I'm looking to spend $250.00 on the player.  But I will go up to $600 if I have to.


The players that are on my shortlist right now are the Sony Walkman WM-A45; the Cowon Plenue 1; and the Plenue M.


Has anyone had any extensive experience with ANY of these players??  Or has anyone has decided to use an Android Smartphone and/or an Apple iPhone, or an earlier Apple iPod (or iPod Touch)??


Does the first three dedicated players clearly deliver better sound than a smartphone??  Or am I just wasting my money and time, and should I just go ahead and get an Apple iPod Touch??


Thanks In Advance For Your Input.


Cowon Plenue 1 -- PLENUE 1



Cowon Plenue M --  PLENUE M



Sony Walkman NW-A45 --  Image result for Sony NW-A45


Sennheiser HD-598  --   Image result for Sennheiser HD-598


xDuoo XD-05   --  xDuoo-XD-05-DAC-AMP-01-300x180.jpg



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 My suggestion would be that you go to Headfi / Headphone Guru and do some review reading to on devices of interest, and as used with other devices.The best possible option for you would be to then travel to a Canmania event where you could try a variety of headphones and hear the Astell and Kern DAPs. While they may be outside your price point, its important to listen to the better gear so that you understand the compromise (or lack thereof) when you make a DAP purchasing decison. Be forewarned, your likely to change direction after listening to what $500 in a headphone can get you, used with an iPhone.








Audio system

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If you've already got an ios  device such as an iPhone or iPad/iPod then the Onkyo HF player app (which supports high-res PCM and converts DSD)  and a Chord Mojo DAC/amp will equal or better any dedicated player (the iPhone or whatever becomes just a 'drive'). You will have to buy the Apple 'camera cable', it  won't work with the regular Apple  charging cable.


The Mojo will drive anything, and it's a good DAC for fixed home use too,  with it set to 'line' into an regular amplifier. 


They say it works with most Android phones too, but you need a USB OTG cable and not all Android phones support that  though most up to date ones probably do.

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