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The Linear Solution LPS912 Design for Sotm Products


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The Linear Solution Products, I started noticing it back in early Oct at RMAF which they share the same room with Sotm-Audio. Back then their only product is network switch and router. I’m always looking for ways to improve sound quality for computer audio.

Therefore, I started with their TCXO router. And its turn out the impact and improvement of the sound quality is amazing. Which I can’t go back and is hooked.

Speaking to Sam from TLS and ask him what else can be done in my system. He suggests the linear supply my first question is I already have LPS-1, SPS-500 can yours LPS do any better than them? His reply is 30 days trial and you let me know. Since every system is different and the best way to see if the new gear that works or not is to allow customer an in-home free trial if possible. I understand there is shipping involved, Of course, this doesn’t apply to the special order.

2 weeks later right after Christmas the TLS LPS-912DR arrived. This is quick compared with those order overseas and has to wait forever to get. Start with packaging it is the best I have ever seen in LPS business. It shipped with the Pelican case which gives protection enough for travel. Finished with Matte Black finish which matches best with my Sotm-Trifector. Plus the Oyaide lead cable to match with.

Let's get the specifications out of the way first. (I copied directly from their site)


LPS-912 http://thelinearsolution.com/lps_912.html


User selectable independently regulated outputs for each selectable voltage;

Voltage option is as following: 9V, or 12V (Standard). 5V, 7V, 9V, 12V (Custom)

Proprietary custom regulator design

Ultra-Fast Diode   

Max current capability is 3.17 amps continuous the output at any voltage setting.  


Worldwide operation at 100/120/220/230/240 volts AC.


Warranty 5-Years parts and labor Only


Made in USA


Package Includes:

Custom DC cable with Gold Plated Oyaide DC connector (5.5mm x 2.5mm) on both ends.

LPS-912 Linear Power Supply


Output Voltage 9V or 12V

Noise Voltage <0.5 nanovolts root Hz

Noise Reduction > 82dB 100KHz to 2MHz

Efficiency >85%

Continuous Bandwidth > 600 MHz

Output Impedance < 0.0028 ohms

Dimension 106 x 48 x 231 mm


Long story short I have it burn in for 10 days before serious listening.


TLS-TCXO Router -> Roon Server (Custom Build)->SMS-200Ultra->Wire world Platinum USB-> Chord DAVE->Audeze LCD-4

The TLS LPS-912 is special decide for SMS-200Ultra and txusbUltra

1st Test swapping out LPS-912 with LPS-1 and SPS-500 in SMS-200Ultra

Impressions of Listening as follow

Compare with LPS-1

After listening to couple tracks. I enjoy a lot more with the LPS-912. Darker background, soundstage is much deeper and wilder as it can be. I start hearing a bit more detail, which is the same experience with the router effect. While the LPS-1 is nice but I purely enjoy the LPS-912 a lot more I should say the musical feeling is there if you know what I mean.

Compare with SPS-500

The SPS-500 give a benefit of switching to 5-7-9-12 V it is a plus for some people. TLS-LPS912 can only switch between 9v or 12v since this is special decide for sotm products switch between 9-12v is just perfect.

As for sound quality, I feel the same as compare with LPS-1 I feel I’m a step closer to the live music. With SPS-500 there is just a tag nosier there.


Please just don’t listen to what I said since TLS offer the 30days in home trial. Get inline and listen the difference yourself.  


My Cost

TLS-LPS912DR                                                                    $499 (Introductory Rate)
Solid Core 7N Pure Copper DC Lead 1.5M              $FREE
Oyaide 2.5mm DC Plug                                                  $FREE
Shipping                                                                               $FREE (introductory Period)
Paypal Fee                                                                          $18.65

Total                                                                                      $517.65 Only











DigitalDac: Chord DAVE, Amp: MC275 Mono, Preamp: FirstSound, Source: Esoteric K01X, Cable: TaraLab GME interconnect,
CASSOtM Trifecta Mod 75ohm MCI, TheLinearSolution TCXO Router

Analog: SME 20/2, SME V, Skala, Esoteric C03 Phono

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I normally make it a policy to not comment on other manufacturer's products, especially those of competitors, be they larger or smaller firms.  There is plenty of room in the boutique audio marketplace for many companies to succeed and healthy competition is good for the consumer.


Yet in the case of The Linear Solution I feel compelled to speak up, and here is why:


It has nothing to do with some of the truly wild specifications given to the product listed above.

(Though 0.5 nanoVolts/rootHz is 0.0005µVolts and would be an order of magnitude quieter than the lowest noise regulators--discrete or integrated--on the planet, and their other specs are suspect as well.  Plus their modified TCXO and OCXO switches and routers go in the opposite direction with units, listing jitter for their clocks at 1picosecond, when any $0.75 clock will have less than a picosecond of jitter.)


It has to do with something that struck me when I visited their web site.  They have another product listed there, a 6-rail, 600 watt ATX-LPS, with bipolar (plus and minus 12V, 5V, and 3V) outputs, in a small 12 x 9 x 3 inch case, weighing 45 pounds. Here it is:



600 watts?  In that small case? 45 pounds?  You could fill that case with lead shot and it likely would not weight 45 pounds.


But that is not what bothers me and not why I am posting this.  It is because the power supply in the photographs is none other that an UpTone Audio JS-2!  Click on the below and look closely at the photograph:



See the small vertical lines that are part of the UpTone Audio logo?  See the identical grooved, machined aluminum feet?  See the reflections of the bottom case screws that are in exactly the place where they are on our supply?  And in Photoshop, adjusting the exposure and shadows/highlights of the darker inset image reveals plainly how they Photoshopped out the words UpTone Audio in the dark left of that image.  

Now I had not before seen that photo of our supply--sitting on some sort of quartz counter--but a quick Google image search turned up the original on a reseller's site (some place called The Music Room).  Here it is, with our complete logo plain to see:




Excuse me?!

Before I found the original photo, I shot off an e-mail to the Japanese company that supplies our chassis fully customized for the JS-2 (and our UltraCap LPS-1.2 and ISO REGEN).  Now I have spent over $200,000 with this supplier in the almost 4 years we have worked together, so I knew they would never supply cases to someone with so similar a graphic element to our logo, and certainly not on the same series case and to someone in the audio marketplace.  Really I was embarrassed at even asking them about it, but the export sales director not only assured me they would never do something like that, he said that The Linear Solution had never purchased any enclosures from them.  All they did was make an inquiry.


Obviously I will be contacting Adrian Wun, the owner of The Linear Solution (and prior importer of the Taiwanese KECES brand power supplies), to demand that he remove the image.  


But really, 6-rails, 600 watts, 45 pounds in that little box?  That and their other suspicious specifications for their products--combined with their blatant Photoshopping of our product--ought to send up caution flags for those considering purchase.  

Most manufacturers who are proud of what they are offering will show what is under the hood.  I'd be curious to see just what is inside the LPS912 that is the subject of this thread.  Might be less impressive than their claimed specs...


--Alex C.

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I wouldn’t be irked, I’d be furious! Looking at their site with the Seattle skyline, I previously thought oh my hometown (though are they?) maybe I’ll look them up and see if I can try one of their products. Won’t now. They just screwed themselves and I hope everyone is made aware of this. Flattery through imitation is one thing, outright theft is another. 

SERVER CLOSET (in office directly below living room stereo):NUC 7i5BNH with Roon ROCK (ZeroZone 12V on the NUC)>Cisco 2690L-16PS switch>Sonore opticalModule (Uptone LPS 1.2)>

LIVING ROOM: Sonore opticalRendu Roon version (Sonore Power Supply)> Shunyata Venom USB>Naim DAC V1>Witchhat DIN>Naim NAP 160 Bolt Down>Chord Rumor 2>Audio Physic Compact Classics. OFFICE: opticalModule> Sonore microRendu 1.4> Matrix Mini-i Pro 3> Naim NAP 110>NACA5>KEF Ls50's. BJC 6a and Ghent Catsnake 6a JSSG ethernet; AC cables: Shunyata Venom NR V-10; Audience Forte F3; Ice Age copper/copper; Sean Jacobs CHC PowerBlack, Moon Audio DIN>RCA, USB A>C. Isolation: Herbie's Audio Lab. 

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Thanks Alex.  I was considering a purchase of their switch and router, but couldn’t get enough information about the products or company.  I’ll steer clear.  ...and I’ll continue to enjoy my two JS-2s.

EtherRegen > SonicTransporter i9 > opticalRendu > Ayre QX-5 DAC > Ayre KX-R Twenty Preamp > Ayre MX-R Twenty mono amps > YG Kipod Signature Passive speakers.

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Good catch Alex. I tried to contact this company thru their website contact form and never heard back. I’ve been skeptical of their claims, in part based on how effusive the OP is about their products.

BPT 3.5 Ultra/Reference 3A Reflectors/MSB Technology S201 Amplifier/MSB Technology Analog DAC/MSB Technology Network Renderer/Audirvana +

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Hello Alex,

First, I do have to apologize for the mistake on the page for Full ATX Linear Power Supply from TheLinearsolution.com This page is not ready to publish and shouldn’t be uploaded to live. I have submitted a request to the web design people to withdraw the page from the site and I will monitor and ensure this will be taking care of as soon as possible.

As for our TCXO and OCXO Switches which had proven results of improvement in computer audio and start to gain tracking record and review. 

However, we would love to send you either TC or OCXO unit to have your honest feedback and or perhaps some improvement to our products since we are just newly started and healthy competition is all we can hope for.

As for Anyone interested in our switches and 912 LPS we currently offer our 30 days in-home trial return policy as well. No better offer than an in-home trial with your current audio system.

In addition, as for our newly developed 912 power supply, It surely wouldn’t be a bad idea to adding additional component pictures for people who are serious about linear power for audio. 

@catastrofe, I’m sorry that we might have oversight or fall through your email to the junk folder, please send a request again to [email protected] or to me again.

Once again sorry for any inconvenience this mistake might have caused. 

Enjoy the music!



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