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The Amazing JRiver and virtual concert hall.


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This is a very effective tweak to enhance your current system by adding the virtual wall to recreate a concert hall like listening experience. IMO, this is the best room acoustics treatment without the need to spend $$$ on diffusers and other tweaks. 


One of the limitations we face in our listening room is space. In a confined space, we do not have the luxury to have RT60 of a big venue like a concert hall.  In all classical recordings, the ambience is eliminated or limited to the just the front stage so that during the replay, your front speakers would reproduce the captured front stage ambience and your side walls would add a little reflection to enhance to overall listening experience. The side wall reflection in the recording is completely eliminated unless it a proper 5.1 surround recordings. Most audiophiles already mastered the correct setup and room treatment to get this ratio correct. However, this ratio will never be as accurate or complete as the real concert hall’s RT60 of about 2 seconds.


Previously, I used IR of St. Cecilia recorded every 15 degrees at 23 degrees elevation. The 16 IRs although made a huge difference between standard stereo and stereo with convolution sound but it was never enough as in real concert hall where the reflection comes from various angles. Now, I have found a way to enhance this effect to get closer to concert hall experience.


From the picture in my first post, you could see I am now using 48 IR channels to recreate the virtual hall. This is done by sending additional copies of the respective IR with a delay of 10ms incrementally. I am now using only three copies but likely to double that as long as the CPU fan remain noiseless. 


p.s. (60-degree convolution was not activated due to “Not enough USB controller resources” USB3.0 limitation of Intel chip. I am waiting for a Renesas chip expansion card to address this issue).







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The JRiver MC24 upgrade did not go well for Convolution with JRiver using Zones. The sync was hard to get perfectly timed. Finally, I decided to go pro by including Audiomulch in my setup. I regret for taking this approach much earlier as the difference in the convolutionDSP with Audiomulch is like day and night difference.


This is the setting which you can also use for ordinary stereo setup with ambience surround speakers. 






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ST, I've just had a listen to your latest set of clips posted on your website, and I note that they're presenting a nice sense of an acoustic. However, I still feel there is an issue with the treble - string section and piano tone don't strike me as being convincing, as it comes across in the videos.


Please take this as constructive comments, :).






Over and out.



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Frank, that is good observation. Depend on the acoustics setting, the highs gets attenuated but not as much as what you hear in the Youtube videos . You must also understand that I am using a $75 mic and recording this at high SPL level where I have to reduce the level almost by -40dBu to avoid clippings.  The loss of treble can also be attributed to Youtube's comprehension. Having said that, running the system with Audiomulch is more accurate because it uses global clock to sync and the treble is now slightly higher and I have tweak the IR's FR to adjust for that.


Thanks for the comment. Let's me know if you are interested the original 24/96 files.

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