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OpenHome renderer question for Yamaha CD-N500

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Is there a weakness in this audio chain when streaming Tidal?


BubbleUPnP Server running on non-optimised bog standard PC --> WiFi --> Yamaha CD-N500 (as an OpenHome rendered device).


I would control the Tidal streaming via, for example, the Lumin app from my mobile phone.


First the PC is not audiophile optimised - but does it need to be as it's WiFi separated from the audio target device therefore the noisy computer will not pollute the target.


Secondly the Yamaha CD-500 has a 30 Second buffer for 16 bit playback, which is a good sized buffer as you can appreciate! Therefore, will running over WiFi and possible re-transmits of Ethernet packets really affect something with such a large buffer?


So backwards in the chain, does the potentially noisy PC affect matters - or the WiFi rather than direct wired affect matters - with such a large receiving buffer as a data landing point?



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