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Paul Hynes Excuses to deliver the power supply

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7 hours ago, jjh1585 said:

I have placed several orders with Paul Hynes. The shipping dates have not been met on time.


3 SR7EHD units. Quoted time 36 to 48 working days. 3/12/2012 received 8/15/2013.

1 Multirail SR7EHD. Special Fast track delivery (order canceled by customer). 1/16/2014 Received  11/7/2014.


I ordered 3 more units from Paul Hynes Audio Ltd. (no longer in business) and  received all of them on quoted time. Too bad he doesn't start another such company.


My point is they will eventually get to you. Admittedly it is quite frustrating with the wait and broken delivery dates.


If he couldn’t deliver it but he could refund my money. I think he is  unreliable

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6 hours ago, Superdad said:

It is troubling to read these reports.  I really like Paul--we have corresponded and spoken on the phone--and wish him the best.  It has been reported that he has had some health issues, so that could explain some of it.  But given what has been reported--and I am not speaking of just this thread, extreme lead times have been the norm with PH for years--perhaps he is considering retiring or transferring the business. I hope it works out.


We build about 25 JS-2 choke-filtered, dual-output, 5-7 amp supplies each month.  The generally are reserved and pre-sold 2-3 weeks in advance,, but we ask that our clients not pay us until one week prior to the ship date.  I am never comfortable holding money for goods owed.  Too stressful and against my personal/professional ethics.


--Alex C.


Hello Alex

i have paid your company for usb regen and i was the first customer from iran if you remember it.

i wonder why paul hold our money and do not respond me.

i think paul should refund customer money if he couldn’t deliver it after 6 month .

The right way is accepting money 2-3 weeks in advance .


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7 hours ago, sandyk said:


Paul is also a C.A. member, and may see this thread.

Posted comments like this aren't helpful : "i think he will not deliver my order "


I would again ask him politely for a delivery timeline . If he can't give one, then it's time to take the matter further.


I think Delivering orders after 2 years have no meaning to me. I am not happy not because of long delivery , i think paul should inform his customer about orders before accepting money.


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3 hours ago, octaviars said:


Paul does not build the SR4 him self he has a guy that help him put them together as they are all the same no custom builds. Ten SR4 are built in each batch.

So there is no need to compare the SR7 custom builds with the of the shelf SR4 build that is a ongoing process with or without Paul as he explained it to me when I ordered my SR4. 

I am not defending how Paul does his buisness as I have self considered a SR7 but put that on hold. 


delivery time is impotant to all customers but it is not all of my problem , paul should inform his customer before accepting money

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Every company should give a delivery time before accepting money. If there is any problem then the company should ask customer to choose between refund or longer delivery time.


after 6 month paul has no delivery time and he does not respond to refund my money. 



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3 hours ago, tims said:


Paul has been in business for maybe a decade or longer.  Up to now (as far as I'm aware) he has not failed to deliver a power supply yet.  

I think all you can do is wait - I'm sure you'll eventually get it.


all of my problem is not money or delivering order, i do not like working with unreliable people.

paul should correct his business model.


paul do not respond to my email when i told him to deliver my money as soon as possible.

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Paul answer :


Hello Amir,

I have to apologise for the tardy reply and the fact that I am running behind schedule for a variety of reasons. I thought re-starting the custom build service this last year would be plain sailing with a fresh start with no back orders left to complete. Unfortunately not. In view of this I have extended lead times for new orders considerably while I catch up and placed a limit on order acceptance to two custom power supplies per month so this situation does not re-occur.

There are 12 outstanding power supplies in the queue before your order and I am currently averaging 2 power supplies per week, so it would be approx 30 working days before I reach your order. I have all the materials here in stock for the build. Over the next two months there are two holidays booked for family gatherings, one for a wedding during the last week in November, and one for the Christmas/New Year period, totalling two weeks. I am afraid it will be January before I expect to complete your order.


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Paul answer after 6 month :


Hi Amir,

Good health and happiness to you and your family.

Good days this last year have been few and far between.

The schedule revision has taken longer to sort out than I expected, as there was a large amount of information to sort and collate before I could update all my documentation. I had a young admin helper through spring and summer, before he left for University on the mainland, and I have already noticed filing discrepancies and errors along the way with some orders missing from my build schedule. I wanted to check the accuracy of the custom build order details and also check stock to ensure all the required materials I have in stock match up with orders before finally tabulating the revised build schedule.

I have reached July in the list and will have to continue with progressing the list over the next few days. In view of the time this is taking I have decided to send out notifications for the list so far.

I have now laid out a spreadsheet with outstanding orders showing a schedule of one custom build per week which I think is realistic considering all the other on going day to day work activities that require my attention. Each order is allotted a number and the schedule begins next week. Orders require build time from two to 4 working days depending on complexity, 2 days of Soak test and then they can be packed and the shipment collection booked so it will likely be the week following your number when collection occurs.

I understand that order delays are frustrating for whatever reason and I am determined to get this situation under control. I hope your patience will continue.

Amir, your order number is 16.

The time frame for this will exceed your request for completion during January.
My usual arrangement for custom build order cancellation is :-

Order cancellations before shipping. Occasionally I get customers who request cancellation of their orders. The reasons are usually that their financial position has changed or they have changed their equipment and my product is no longer required. This is custom build and very different from buying items “off the shelf” so I have to apply some conditions to orders to ensure I do not suffer financially from order cancellations. In principal, under these circumstances I am happy to issue a refund, however as I have usually begun the preparation work for the order, and ordered and paid for the materials for the order, enough time should be allowed for the transfer of the order to another customer to occur, thus releasing the funds for a refund. This is because the materials for the order have already been paid for to action the materials order and it is unfair to expect me to carry this financial burden because your circumstances have changed or you no longer require the order. Generally custom products are re-sold relatively quickly so you should not have to wait too long for a refund. Some custom-built projects, however, are a different matter, as these can be highly specialised, and potentially difficult to sell on to another customer. For this reason I cannot guarantee to issue a refund for every custom built product, although I will make an effort to sell them on, thus allowing a refund.

I will offer your order to the next enquiry for a similar custom build and issue a full refund as soon as the transfer is accomplished.


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