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iTunes and Sonos Disaster of my Making


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Ok,  here is my issue.


My Sonos system is giving me the following error message:  "access to  iMac D18309/music denied"


1.  I go to the Sonos Support site and I am instructed to delete my iTunes library (in Sonos) and then reinstall the library.  This I do.


2.  Sonos plays 3 or 4 songs from the iMac and then I get the error message that Sonos can't find the song.


Sonos plays Amazon Music and other internet radio sites without complaint.   The only issue is "my music"  which on my iMac iTunes.   I know I have various music files on my computer (folders on the desktop, HD track folder, all the music on Audinvana).  Something is dreadfully wrong.  I suspect my iMac is hopefully confused with my horrid music library and I don't have the computer skills to fix it.


What say you? 




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Make sure your iMac is not going to sleep. Also Sonos will not play any copy protected content,

ie early iTunes purchases prior to iTunes plus. AAC Content Protected files as an example.

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