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Bowers 705 S2 and 706 S2


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I was visiting the Bowers & Wilkins website. I was reading the contents on 700 S2 Series and I wonder if there are sonic differences between 705 S2 and 706 S2 models. After reading the specifications, from the technical point of view, there are very few differences. The 705 S2 is more expensive than the 706 S2, so I guess there will be differences.


If anybody has tested this loudspeakers, worth it pay extra money for the 705 S2 model?




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Hi Mansr. The big question is worth it paying extra 700/800 $ or € for having a top-mounted tweeter. Are there audible differences with regard the 706 S2 model?


The old CM Series had a CM5 (the equivalent to 706 S2) and CM6 (the equivalent to 705 S2) with top-mounted tweeter. I don't know if there were also audible differences with those models.


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