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about sacd ripping issue


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Currently, I am using cambridge audio CXU for sacd ripping. At the beginning, it works fine.


However it suddenly failed to connect and showed the following message.


May I know what will be the issue 




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Probably due to your router assigning the CXU a different IP address than the one you are trying to use.

Various ways to check that, if you have an HDMI cable connected to a display you can see the current IP address in the CXU's onscreen menus.

If not, use an app like Fing to determine what the current IP address is.

Some people like to assign a static IP to avoid this scenario, however it's no big deal if you just check the current IP using means such as described above, then correct it as needed each time you do a ripping session. It's easy enough with the GUI in ISO2DSD, but I'm not familiar with what to do using the CLI however.

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9 minutes ago, VMF said:

i have checked the the ip address, still got the same issue. I tried to ping the ip address too. It seems working.


I have no idea what the issue is




It may be the rip process is crashing - you can test to see if the process is still running using the command:


telnet 2002


If it's working, you should see it go to a blank screen with the cursor flashing the upper left hand corner (I'm assuming - some processes actually respond with the name of the process on the screen).  If it "hangs" (i.e., does not almost immediately return with the cursor or process name in the upper left hand corner), then the process on port 2002 is not actually running any more or something on your network is blocking traffic on that port.


Not that that actually helps you to determine what's going on with the process ;) but at least you would understand why it stops working mid-rip.

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