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Playlist syncs to iPhone but not to iPad


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Hi Kirk,

I can sync from the playlist on my iMac the 15 latest songs I purchased to the playlist on my iPhone, but these songs will not sync to the playlist on my iPad Pro.  The songs are there on my iPad and I can play them, but they aren't in my playlist.

The 15 songs are Apple AAC files that I purchased from my iMac on iTunes yesterday.

I've tried restarting my iMac and iPad and resyncing, but this does not help.

I also tried manually adding the songs to the playlist on my iPad, but when I sync again they disappear from the playlist.

I know that I could try deleting everything from my iPad, but I have 120 GB of files and I would rather avoid that route, especially since the problem can just come back again.  In fact, I did that about a month ago but the sync problem is here again.

I just did a little experiment and purchased one song this morning and then synced the playlist to my iPad.  That one song synced to the playlist, but not the 15 songs I purchased yesterday.  I was able to sync that song to my iPhone, too.

I have owned iPads since the first one, and this sync problem with playlists has happened several times over the years.

I am wondering what causes this recurring problem and what I can do about it short of deleting everything ans starting over.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I figured out a solution:


1) Find the songs in "Recently Added" or by "Artist" on the iPad.

2) Long press a song.  Select "Remove," then select "Remove download."

3) Sync.


This adds the songs from iTunes on the iMac to the playlist on the iPad and only takes about a minute.

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