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Spotify Connect On Auralic!

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Merry Christmas Auralic Users!  (Bye Bye Tidal and quirky MQA)

Firmware Version 5.3 Build 20171225

About This Release:

  • December 25, 2017

New Features:

  • Add Spotify Connect support

RIG:  MB Pro - Benchmark DAC3 L - LA4  AHB2 | Paradigm Sig S6 Cables:  Van Damme, Canare 4S11, Lifatec optical, Wireworld and IsoTek power

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Yeah, tried it on my Aries G2.


The Aries’ window seemingly indicates that a stream is playing; however, my Metrum DAC connected via AES doesn’t see a stream it wants to play.


What is the format that the Aries presents on its digital outputs when it is playing a Spotify Connect stream?

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