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Software eq and metering for Audirvana 3

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Hi all,

I have a matter of months experience with Audirvana previously using a network audio player via hardware eq to dac and amp.


What I am struggling with, I believe, is assessing accurately replay gain for each album I want to listen to.

I know replay gain can be tagged in Audirvana but to my ears gives a poor sound. Also I am using the eq plugin and have bluecat gain plugin for some adjustments. 


What the software does not offer ( I believe) is any visual metering plugin to accurately render gain.


I have had a bit of a search on our site and see software eq such as Fabfilter pro q 2, Izotope Ozone 8 amongst others. Is that the way to go? Any further suggestions/advice welcomed.

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FFPQ2 is an excellent TOTL eq solution.  Sonically bests other EQ software (Nova and Voxengo) to my ears.  There is meter that can be set to auto gain, or used in a more traditional user defined environment.  It allows you to meter both L+R or M+S in real time.  It's a bit expensive, but very worth it IMO for what you get.  


then again, if all you want is metering, you can do that with any number of free plugins.  Check the Melda Production free bundle and see if there's an AU there that suits your needs.  You can always use the MEqualizer plugin for metering only. 


Keep in mind that just because you see your meter clip, doesn't mean it is.  Many AU plugins will not produce internal clipping in the digital realm, but when it hits your DAC, that's a whole other story.  

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Try FabFilter Pro-Q 2. They offer a free trail. Best in the market. Absolutely transparent with their natural phase option!

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I've been using Audirvana and FF Pro-Q 3 together for years and am very happy with the result. Only slight gripe is that when I want to switch between EQ presets for headphones and speakers the process is a bit cumbersome. Wish there was an easy switch option in the audio settings pop-up

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