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Anything Other Than Linn Kazoo and Lumin Software To Use As Interface For Microrendu?

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I recently picked up a MicroRendu and had it upgraded to 1.4 and am extremely happy with the performance I'm getting. However, as the title says, I'm not exactly thrilled with either the Linn Kazoo or Lumin interfaces. The Linn sometimes misreads information from the NAS (my friend has the same issue) and even combines two recordings at times). The Lumin sometimes give me album art, and other times no album art, and is generally just plain difficult to use consistently, things keep changing.  It also cannot find some albums on the NAS. Are there any other options? Maybe I'm just spolied by my Aurander's software, and I should expect these issues with anything else? Thanks for any help.



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I don't use Roon but I know you can run it on an NAS. Many users run the basic features on far less hardware than recommended here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Server_on_NAS


Or you may be able to install LMS on that NAS; it's far less demanding. You'd then turn on Squeezelite in the microRendu, and control it with iPeng  on your iPad. (Some LMS installs are easier than others, but routine library scans and other Settings stuff can be done from a web browser.)


LMS is no Cadillac but it supports more streaming services and internet radio than Roon. I use it to play my downloads and ripped CDs, plus Tidal (non-MQA), Qobuz, the Radio Paradise FLAC stream, and more.



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iPeng is what I was using before Roon. Definitely better imo than either of those and worth the $10. 

SERVER CLOSET (in office directly below living room stereo):NUC 7i5BNH with Roon ROCK (ZeroZone 12V on the NUC)>Cisco 2690L-16PS switch>Sonore opticalModule (Uptone LPS 1.2)>

LIVING ROOM: Sonore opticalRendu Roon version (Sonore Power Supply)> Shunyata Venom USB>Naim DAC V1>Witchhat DIN>Naim NAP 160 Bolt Down>Chord Rumor 2>Audio Physic Compact Classics. OFFICE: 10Gtek FMC>Naim Unitiqute V1>NACA5>KEF Ls50's. BJC 6a and Ghent Catsnake 6a JSSG ethernet; AC cables: Shunyata Venom NR V-10; Audience Forte F3; Ice Age copper/copper; Sean Jacobs CHC PowerBlack. Isolation: Herbie's Audio Lab. 

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31 minutes ago, arglebargle said:

Thing is, if you pay yourself a decent wage for all the tinkering and frustration of half-working solutions, Roon quickly becomes a bargain. Just my thoughts. 

I don't do this hobby for money:) I'd like to search/ask and try other things about all my system and have fun with it when doing this. But sure, everyone thinks differently and I respect your thoughts.

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