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Need basic help setting up NAS FLAC system


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This is my first post so bear with me. I've used mp3 on cell phones etc for years but recently ripped all my CDs to both mp3 and FLAC using dB Power Amp.


I am looking to setup a high quality 2 channel FLAC audio system using a NAS.


I have an older high end Yamaha receiver which lacks HDMI.

A Schiit Modi 2 is in my near future as is some 2 or 4 bay Synology NAS.


Q1. Are those DAC and NAS a reasonably good choice? Will they just boot and play nicely together?


Q2. In Synology Audio Station I would set the NAS to playback on "usb speaker" in order to get the FLAC out the usb port and into the DAC. When playing a NAS video presumably the audio portion of the video still goes over the eithernet [don't care if this also goes over USB port].


Q3. There seems to be so many Synology NAS models, including last years models still available from some on-line sellers. What do I need to look for in order for this setup to work? Is there a series that I should be looking at? [+, +II, j, se, play, etc] [I also have a 2016 55" 4K HDR TV but I don't think I will be trying to use the NAS to upscale to 4K, or even 1080p].


[on the TV side; the TV, Blu-ray, android box etc will play their audio via a HDMI switch with analog audio breakout connected to receiver input]





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The Modi 2 is a very entry-level DAC, but it'll be a clear upgrade over motherboard audio.


A NAS isn't the best choice for sound quality, but it's often better than nothing. I believe if you don't need the other features, higher models with more powerful CPUs and more RAM just gets you a faster user experience. The Synology Audio Station is a pretty good music app. To maximize your sound quality, you'll want to condition the USB link between the NAS and the Modi. The NAS is going to be very noisy and that is going to compromise the performance of the DAC. The Schiit Wyrd works well with the Modi. Jitterbug is a cheaper option. An iGalvanic 3.0 is your best bet.


Also, make sure Audio Station isn't re-sampling or messing with the audio stream. It needs to be a pure, bit-perfect stream of the audio file to the Modi.

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@GUTB   I am running J River from my iMac to my iFI DSD DAC with little success.

I have been thinking I might move to a NAS, your comment that a NAS is not the best choice for sound quality caught my eye.


What would you recommend as a good alternative to my standard, unsatisfactory, home computer to DAC configuration?




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I am using a QNAP TS-421 NAS as a storage server where i keep all my music. It is connected via Ethernet to my small minix computer running Win 2016 Server OS, then via USB to my DAC.


Music software is MUSIChi Suite.


There are no any dropouts until DSD128. Sound is excellent.


There is absolutely no reason to have the local audio player of the NAS streaming music, since sound wise is less than mediocre.


Since video streaming is not considered, i would buy the bigger NAS my budget could afford. In time, you will realize the more bays the better. CPU and RAM do not make much difference for your intended use...

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