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Have my prayers been answered?!


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This may not check all my boxes, but i feel it is a giant step in the right direction.  It has older dac chips (es9016), but it does have a lot of the features I hope in an "end game" solution.


11.2 quad DSD




Heos (Alexa commands)

HDAM jitter reduction circuitry

dual crystal clocks

usb isolation circuitry


Would love to know more about some of the technical details like does it have a good power supply and femto clocks?

No roon support, but HEOS is a big plus for me.




I wish more manufacturers would think along these lines of a player to plug into the amp without all the hoopla for need for daisy chaining ps's, usb toys, external clocks, and the plethora of other "needed nuisances"....




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