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Adam A7X Vs Eve EC207 Vs HEDD Type 07


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Hi everyone, I have been there for quite long time but rarely to post comment of equipment. Lately I have done a simple comparison between these three pairs of active monitors. I think these 3 brands are quite similar. 
  1. Treble, Adam A7x is extremely better in clarity , and power of highs. 
  2. Bass, HEDD T07 provides much better bass then other two , deep bass with high quality without affects it’s clarity in bass.
  3. Mid, all of them provide very good quality , especially vocals and most of instruments. 
  4. Built quality, I think Adam and Eve they are very similar, but setting and control Eve is better than Adam, coz all setting is by one knob (Button). The worst is HEDD, their surface finishing is much worse than other active monitors brands, very easy to get dirty (very sticky surface), and in my case they have two issues, A. two monitors output level is not equal and B. one of the volume control is defected part, since one has no clicks at 0dB but the other one has this clicks at 0dB like most active monitors do (Finally I have returned it and refunded)
  5. Sweet Spot , Both Adam and HEDD have a very sharp and small area for their sweet spot, beyond this area, you will not be able to have desirable listening experience. But Eve is much wider , so you can move your body a bit left or right and you will still have what you want.
Hopefully these information is useful for people who want to select their active monitors. 
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