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How to import iTunes Playlists into JRiver?


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I checked the import playlists box when setting up JRiver to import everything from my iTunes music folder.


The music is now in Jriver, but not the iTunes playlists.


Is there a simple way to import all my iTunes playlists?



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Hi, I am more of an "Album" guy than a Playlist guy, and I don't use iTunes anymore. As it's been nearly a day with no replies I would suggest that you ask at the Forum that Jriver run (nothing to do with CA forum, but as no one here has suggestions, perhaps try there). Hopefully someone else will chime in over here soon. 

Regards from Bill. 

Jriver, Windows 8.1, HP Pavilion G6 2215so Laptop, Dragonfly Black, Quad QCII Preamp, Quad FM 1 Radio, Quad II amp, Quad ESL Electrostatic speaker. 

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