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Pro-Ject DAC BOX DS2 Ultra in Black OS El Capitan

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Apparently there is, based on the last FAQ item at the bottom of this page:

I own an even more recent Pro-Ject DAC, and its page has a similar warning.


This problem is not limited to one brand. You should do a search for "El Capitan USB audio problems". Here's a sample: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7253452


Sierra has many issues too. There is a thread on that topic here:



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The Pre Box S2 Digital is an entirely new generation from Pro-Ject, designed by a different developer, based on dual DAC chips instead of a single chip, and those chips are from ESS instead of AKM. It decodes MQA and native DSD512, and it has a headphone amplifier. So although I can say "I like the DAC, but prefer another headphone amp", that won't necessarily tell you much about the DAC Box DS2 Ultra. You can learn more about my DAC in this thread [link].

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@Arthur Bender according to what described in the user manual


mode 1: every input resolution will be upsampled to the max possible resolution

depending on what input you are using (usb, spdif for pcm and usb for dsd)

ie Pcm 44.1 will be upsampled to pcm 705 with usb input

    Pcm 44.1 will be upsampled to pcm 768 with spdif input
    Dsd  64    will be upsampled to dsd  256 with usb input

mode 2: every pcm input will be converted to dsd as described

mode 3 : no upsampling will be performed at all with usb input while with spdif input all pcm input will be upsampled as described




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