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Bluesound Node 2 + Rega Brio + SVS Ultra Bookshelf

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I am putting together a system for listening to Deezer or Tidal streaming flac and possibly MQA.  My budget is $2,000 and am considering a Bluesound Node 2, Rega Brio amp and SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers.  That's $500 over my budget so really can't spend more than that.  My listening space will be mostly a seating area that occupies about a third of a 27' x 20' room that is a combination kitchen-dining-living room.  There's no carpet and a plastic laminate floor with a lot of glass plus some, not a lot, of stuffed furniture and drapery so am trying to stay away from overly bright equipment.  There's a tenant underneath so am not looking  for high volume or strong base so am not planning on a sub woofer.  My wife and I listen to all kinds of music.  

I am kind of rolling the dice here since I live on Maui and can't audition equipment before I buy...and I am a noobie at this so...I would really appreciate any advice that I can get.  Thanks.

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You could make it simpler with using the Bluesound PowerNode 2 which is around $1100.  I do not know those speakers.  I have setup a system or two with the PowerNode 2 and Neat Acoustics iota alpha speakers.  Sounds wonderful.   You can upgrade the AC power cord and the speaker cables over time to improve the sound even more.  This setup is more than your budget but simple and sounds great.



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