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Subwoofer Question?


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Hi guys


Just took a chance on a cheap (£95 GBP) subwoofer that seems to work ok on my system, which is; 

Optical data out of PC into SA-50 desk amp. Amp into sub only via ‘High Level  In’  and ‘High Level Out’  (no Line-In or Line-Out on the little Amp) and on to Q-Acoustics 3010 speakers.


The Q-Acoustic speaker specs state: 86dB, Rec Power: 15 - 75w, Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz

Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 68Hz - 22kHz, Nominal Impedance: 6ohm, Minimum Impedance: 6ohm


However, the frequency adjuster on the sub shows 50-150 Hz


Aside from just tweaking by listening, are there any numbers that should or shouldn’t work?


I’m confused by the speakers stating 2800 Hz, while the sub doesn’t reach that.  Should it?

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You're right, that 2800 Hz number can't be referring to SW, so it might just be refering to the internal crossover frequency between its 2 drivers. 


I would think you're going to want to set your sub between 100 and 120 Hz, but yes listening is the way to figure out exactly where. 

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I'll not make the mistake of buying cheap eBay subs again:-(  The cable connections are just those spring loaded tabs for hold speaker wires.  OK in themselves IF decent quality, but one broken already on FIRST use!  Pressed tab with one finger to push speaker wire in....  Spring disappeared down into sub internals and clip fell off!!!  Spring no doubt  just waiting near PCB to create internal mains electrical short!

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