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Mano Music Streamer

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I will soon (Thursday) be evaluating the PS Audio DirectStream DAC with Network Bridge II card. My best case scenario is that I love the DAC and the built-in streamer. If I love the DAC but don't like the built-in Streamer, I could use my ultraRendu. But, I will seriously consider getting a Roon compatible streamer with I2S output since that is the DACs best input.


Has anyone used the Mano Music Streamer using its I2S output? 

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11 minutes ago, Speed Racer said:

I2S output since that is the DACs best input


Hi, I haven't seen where it's said this is the best input? Have you heard it?


I know I2S is the natural language the DAC speaks. But the Bridge II is already ethernet input & I2S output...


Just like  the Mano would be... or any other ethernet in, I2S out streamer.



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1 hour ago, Speed Racer said:

Apparently the Bridge II has issues with noise injection. I am going to test everything to see what I like and to see if I hear any difference between using the Bridge II and the ultraRendu. 


Sounds good mate. Removing the Bridge II each time for comparisons with USB isn’t practical (obviously) with going back and forth between the two inputs.


But if you’re doing extended listening (over hours or days) with one input, I would highly recommend removing the Bridge II when doing extended listening with the ultraRendu... Likewise unplug the ultraRendu when listening to the Bridge II for an extended time.


Wyred4Sound make a really great I2S (over HDMI) converter, that could be fed by ultraRendu. There’s also the new ultraDigital. 


That’s a spaghetti marinara mix of boxes and cables though, so I understand why you’re looking for the streamer.


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I always do "extending listening" as I find "A/B" listening prone to error.


No, I am not interested in doing the USB-to-I2S thing. I refuse to have a setup any more complicated than what I have now. I would love it if it were simpler. That's why I really hope the Bridge II sounds 99.9% as good as the ultraRendu setup.

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