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20 Bit CDs


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There are no 20bit CDs. Redbook CD is always 16bit/44.kHz.


In the 1990's, there were CDs with "20 bit recording" (Sony Classical), and "20bit K2 mastering" logos, but the signal on the CD was 16bit.


There are also HDCDs, which use a special encoding to put 20bit data into the 16bit CD signal. HDCDs play on every CD player, but only players with a HDCD decoder chip can make use of the extra bits. The extra bits can also be decoded during ripping in Foobar2000:






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Is there a HDCD logo on the disc or jacket?


If not, it just means that the CD was mastered at 20-bit and then converted to the 16/44.1 Redbook standard for CDs.


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Awesome. Thanks, guys. Exactly the info I was looking for. I'm at work so don't have the discs on hand, but it sounds like either way rip it to 16bit. If it was mastered 20bit converted to 16, then it's all the same anyway; if HDCD, then foobar should decode the extra bits anyway.

Thank you

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