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Peachtree Audio Nova 300 and volume knob range


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I have a friend considering the Peachtree Nova 300 and he's asked for my advice, since I've previously owned the Nova 220se.


Are there any Nova 300 owners who previously owned the 220se?


One issue I had (and many others had, reported across many forums and reported to Peachtree) was with the 220se's gain.


By the time I got to 9 o'clock (maybe 10 o'clock at best with quieter recordings) it was very loud. So the actual problem was there was limited range with the volume knob.


I and others gave feedback to Peachtree about this.


I wonder if this has improved with the Nova 300.


My friend isn't able to demo the Nova 300 where he is. I may get a change in a few weeks.


Just wanted to hear from any current Nova 300 owners who previously owned the 220se.


I had this problem with the 220se with both the difficult to drive LS50's and much more efficient GoldenEar Triton Ones.


I guess I'm hoping you can get to at least 12 o'clock with the Nova 300 before it gets too loud to allow for more range/control of volume - I know 'too loud' is subjective and very system & room specific.


Cheers in advance


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