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Weiss Minerva and DAC202: differences?

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It doesn't appear the Minerva is a current product, and that perhaps the DAC202 is designed to replace it. It appears the DAC202 MSRPs for half of the Minerva, however. Wondering which DAC would give higher performance and what the key differences are between the DACs.


Thanks to all!



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Howard, this was discussed here in earlier threads, a short search and you'll find all of it. In essence there are basically no important differences, Daniel said so also in this forum - I really appreciate his honesty and ethics.

I have to say I'm enthused about the DAC2, it is very very good, at least in my system. I don't share the comments from people who described the sonics of the DAC2 in a couple of words only, it is really better than that.

By the way, a question: how many of you have the DAC2 connected in xlr and use it in a fully balanced system? I know the majority of audiophiles are not running in balanced and there are differing views on the advantages of this. But I do: my system is fully balanced from the digital and analog sources (both turntables in XLR to a fully balanced phono preamp) to the preamp and then down to the amp, also fully balanced. This has been a huge step forward in terms of transparency and dynamics.


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Hi roberto - I believe you are referring to Daniel's comments about the DAC2 v. Minerva. The title of this thread refers to the new DAC202 v. Minerva. There are some differences between these two. A major difference is the new analog output stage in the DAC202. Analog output stages have a huge, often underestimated, role in the final sound of a DAC.


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How the new DAC202 sounds compared to the Minerva and DAC2 is the $64,000 question. I hope we'll be getting some reports soon.


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We received our our first DAC202, and let me just say that Daniel has truly outdone himself this time. The sound quality is spectacular, and in my opinion, a big step up from the DAC2/Minerva. I would describe the overall sound as very liquid, very natural and brilliantly detailed.


DISCLAIMER: Ciamara is a Weiss dealer.


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On a related note, the Weiss website states it is now shipping the DAC1-MK2 with the FW interface built in.... Does anyone have experience with that piece of kit? Also, does Daniel have yet another piece of pro gear to give his consumer kit a run for its money (DAC2/Minerva revisited)? I don't know details on pricepoints & performance. The FAQ of Daniel (above) states the DAC1-MK2 resembles the Medea and the 202 is 'related' to DAC2 with doubled topology and upgraded analog section.... One wonders how it all performs / sounds... I can't get the thought of my mind that a DAC1-MK2-FW is likely to compete with a DAC202 for a bunch of potential customers..


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We received our first order of 202's last week, I have been comparing it to the dacII and it is better in every respect, more real ,more natural, just more palpable.

Haven't had a chance to compare it to my model 5 yet but will report.

Purite Audio sells both Weiss and Sonic Studio, whether the 202 is worth the extra,that is a judgement left to the individual.

Anyone going to Munich?



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Keith wrote: "Anyone going to Munich?"


Maybe on friday.

But some influenza hit me last week, so, ... I've to wait and see how my physis is like to perform until that day ;)


Keep tuned





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