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Noob question

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Hello forum,

this has been a great resource as I've moved into the world of computer audiophile setups


Here's my workflow, I know some of this is preferential , but if there are any glaring obvious mistakes, please let

me know




-CD ripped with Exact Audio Copy (saving as flac)

-Upsampling with r8brain (96, 24bit, very high quality)

-Playing with Media Monkey

-USB out with M Audio Transit (output 24bit, 88.2Khz )


I'm reading up on good DACs here on CA... there seems to be many... I'm on a budget, so I'm looking

over at Audiogon. Should I be purchasing a DAC that can support 24/96? Would a DAC that's 16/44 be 'clipping'

some extra quality?

Benchmark DAC?

or Cambridge DACMagic? (which will upsample my already upsampled music) Is this bad to do???

Valab NOS USB Re-Clock DAC Low Jitter Dual 1ppm TCXO (no upsampling on my upsampled music) better???



I'm using a Altec Lansing 2.1 setup for my amp. So I'd like to upgrade. The reviews here on the Peachtree Nova or Decco seem promising. It seems like a ready to go solution. But can I daisy chain their DAC to an above DAC? Is this a bad thing to do?

Or should I find a nice tube amp?


speakers are PSB 92dB sensitivity 4ohm speaker, so I guess the amp doesn't need to be too severe. 16-80 watt range.



Thanks in advance for the hand holding/advice!! :)






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I would switch to either foobar or jriver media players and use wasapi output

I personally prefer foobar, but many people including the site creator seem to now prefer jriver


otherwise i dont have any advice for you


Custom Computer, WIN764Bit, Foobar, WASAPI, elictri-q balanced, ALAC, ipod touch 64GB[br]Dac -no dac yet, Keces 151 MK2 on its way WOOH![br]Cables - Radio Shack baby![br]Amp - Decware Zen Head, plug-in battery replacer[br]Headphones - Denon AH-D2000, Sennheiser PX100

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Thanks for commenting.


I guess I'll look into foobar and tweak it's settings for Vista64. Reading up a bit, it seems like it will play 'better' once tweaked...


I've just been reading up on how jitter affects our digital music. I guess I should find a DAC that has the lowest amount of jitter produced. Does this sound correct?

I'll hope to find one in USB



More suggestions and advice eagerly awaited :)




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