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Price of Music v. Price of Books

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I just thought of something while answering another post. Has anyone every heard people complain about the price of books (hard copy or otherwise)? I've never heard anyone complain about this but many people complain about the price of music (hard copy or otherwise).


As I said in the other post, the price of music is cheap in my opinion. You can't buy much today for $15 that brings you as much enjoyment for as long as you want to listen to it. Literally decades of enjoyment for $15! I think books are kind of the same way, but people are much less likely to use them as frequently as an album. So, is music a better value than books? New release books are often $25 while new release CDs can be $10-13. I think it's kind of interesting.


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If you buy quality artist driven music, then you're absolutely right. Unfortunately the artist driven music accounts for a small amount of music sales anymore. The commercial driven music (music marketed to us) is disposable and those who listen to it, overexpose themselves to it and move on to the next new song. We've all been there with some new "catchy" song. We listen to it, get sick of it, then move on. That's the music that is too expensive.


For my tastes, any Blue Note album rereleased on cd is worth the money that I've spent on two pints of beer, or one in some places. Liner notes, pictures, and of course the MUSIC!




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blimey, where do you drink...?


i agree tho, i think the download culture has led people to devalue music. I'm buying lots lately to rip and then keep the disks, and must admit im buying most of it second hand, but as i know the hard copies will be kept (i didnt used to, in my stupider/younger days), ill pay a good few quid for something i need if necassary.


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