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is it worth an external clock for lynx AES16?

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Hi all!

Currently I use a Lynx AES16 through AES/EBU into a Lavry DA10 DAC, would you say is it worth using an external clock such as Black Lion Audio Microclock or a similarly priced alternative?


I plan to upgrade soon to a Naim DAC which lacks AES/EBU input so I might need some kind of converter, does exist any external clock that could also be used for this purpose, I mean Lynx card to clock/converter via AES/EBU and clock/converter to DAC via BNC.


Thanks for your help,



MiniPC(Plextor Premium-EAC-W7-JRiver15-RME9632)via SPDIF to a Naim DAC/555PS[br]Naim 252/300 amp[br]Kudos C20 speakers

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The Brainstorm Electronics DCD8 comes to mind because it can be split into two "regions" ie. one to clock and the other to convert your signal format. Another option would be to get a reclocker/clock that reclocks that converts format like the Apogee Big Ben.


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