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? Black Mini - my black Mac Mini music server

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I'm playing music from my computer, but it's without doubt music optimized.

First of all it's a 2007 model of a Mac Mini, but no longer just any old Mac Mini, it's the world's first ? Black Mini.


What I mean here is that I have modified it into a stylish little black anodized shell, shinny silver logo, black vinyl top and hi-fi feets.

The internals have got quite a big notch up too with things like 802.11n AirPort Extreme internals, 500GB hard drive, 3GB RAM and a new sparkling copper heatsink with IC Diamond 7 thermal paste to keep things cool.


That's not all my gear, the little thing contains my online music from primarily Last.fm but also my iTunes library and my FLAC files from all my CD's.


They all run trough a NAD Hi-Fi system, more specific a NAD C165BEE pre-amplifier (but a C565BEE DAC/CD coming soon) connected to either my active studio monitors or my AmazingHeadphones-Denon AH-D2000!


Can't wait to have the money to get a NAD C565BEE DAC/CD and some Van Den Hul cables, that's going to turn it even sweeter than it already is!



See mine here @Flickr:


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