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Understanding multi zone AV receivers

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Hi, fairly new to hd audio. My current plan is to TRY to set my house up with 3 zones, maybe 1 more (4) for expansion. I want zone 1 to be my 5.1 tv zone as well as my HD music zone. My other 2 or 3 zones will all be 2 speakers each...I'm considering wireless.
I haven't bought a receiver since 1995, so huge learning curve for me here :)

Trying to research this it looks like there are AV receivers that have outputs specifically designated for different zones (this sounds ideal). I've also read that you can get a receiver with 9.2 channels, for example, and "assign" certain channels to different zones. Finally, someone has suggested to me that I could accomplish this with a speaker selector. Like these: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-speaker-selectors?id=adw&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkvDS_cCf1wIVVlmGCh2miAh9EAAYAiAAEgK5qfD_BwE

The selection and variation of AV receivers out there is overwhelming! Having looked at many now, I'm hoping I can somehow accomplish this with less than $5-600 max for a receiver.

Any guidance would be helpful. Anything learned from experience? My end goal if possible would be to be able to control all of this with a phone app.
Pretty new to home digital audio, so really any helpful input is welcome.


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