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USB jitter - why does it matter?

Sound Hound

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hi folks,


I'm putting together an 8 channel system with DDX amps for experimenting with ambisonics and multiway active setups.

since my background is computers and I've only recently forayed into audio, I'm a bit mystified by jitter and precision clocking.

I get that galvanic isolation and a separate, clean power source are important to the audio bits beyond the computer.

but I don't understand why the USB connection between such needs to have more than a reliable/accurate transfer of data.

does the jitter transmit stray signals into the latter stages?  if not, then the only place high precision clocks are warranted is in driving the DAC or DDX stage.

surely any USB implementation is sufficient with the data adequately buffered.

reclockers?! iPurifiers?!   pah - audio voodoo!

I'm cynical but ready to be enlightened!


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