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Can you add the Allo Club to the list of sub forums on the main forum page? 


As of now,  you have to navigate to the club page in the main menu, then click on the Allo image and then again on "Activity" to get a list of topics.


Obviously I could have posted this in their club page, but even you (dear administrator) don't seem to bother going there to answer the comments that have been posted in the past few days, all against this new "club" concept... 




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I agree this is a bit weird that the allo conversations are sequestered to the "club" section and aren't visible in the forums. I admittedly didn't read the description of the new structure very carefully. I misunderstood the original description of the clubs and thought the topics would still show in the regular forums and that the clubs would just be a way to view related threads from the various forums. 


To be honest, sequestering the allo topics away from the rest of the forums will make people less likely to see them. That is a shame as they are a cool low cost option that should be making many of their higher priced competitors (advertisers?) sweat. 

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