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Clicks using iTunes, Airport Express & Meridian DSP5000 speakers

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I've recently invested in a new 5Ghz 802.11N router to isolate my iTunes traffic. The instances of drop-outs that I was suffering have reduced in number drastically but I still hear substantial but inconsistent clicks whenever I carry out the following operations:


-- skip forward or back a track

-- change the album playing

-- switch from single to multiple speakers or back


What I don't get is that my previous system didn't behave this way. I am looking forward to seeing whether the new Apple Remote product resolves this - I am currently using RemoteBuddy.


I am very happy to have the additional functionality afforded by an iPod Touch (over the Sonos remote) otherwise.


Has anyone else experienced these issues?


Best wishes,






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Hey Jason - I did pretty much the same thing to isolate my music server traffic. Have you set the router to 802.11n at 5GHz ONLY? I get spectacular performance when I exclude everything except N traffic on the 5 GHz band.


Is there a way you can connect via Ethernet to run some tests? What about power? Are there other noisy household devices connected to the same circuit?


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Hi Chris,


My setup is as follows:


-- Sky Broadband router (Netgear 802.11G ADSL2) connected to the internet (I have been unable to migrate this function to the Dual Band router)

-- Netgear Dual Band 802.11N router (WNDR3300) connected to the Sky broadband router

-- iMac connected to 802.11N on 5Ghz channel (ethernet connectivity also available via a Homeplug device on my flat's power network)

-- Airport Express 802.11N connecting to Netgear Dual Band N router on 5Ghz channel

-- iPod Touch connecting to Netgear Dual Band N router on the 2.4Ghz channel (running RemoteBuddy - the new Apple Remote app doesn't work for me... I am assuming this is because I have two routers, but either way this is a pain!)


How would I configure a test via ethernet? With a bit of research it seems that the dual-band router is a compromise. I assume that the 2.4Ghz channel makes it more susceptible to interference?


Best wishes,



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Wow you have a lot going on there. I think you are having problems with the Apple remote application because because the remote is on a different IP subnet from your music server. I had the same problem for a little bit. To get around this I use my VOIP router as a wireless B/G device and my Airport Exrteme N as a switch connected to the VOIP router. I turn off the routing features of the Airport Extreme.


Anyway, to test this via Ethernet you will have to have an Ethernet CAT5e or CAT6 cable plugged into a router from your music server.


Maybe I am missing something here. Let me know if I overlooked the whole aim on this.


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Thanks Chris, I'm not exactly sure what I did to achieve the outcome I have - I was attempting to follow your advice!


After a bit of amateur fiddling & a restart the Airport Express has inherited a IP address on the same subnet as my music server (the iMac). Sure enough the Apple Remote is now working on the iPod Touch & the clicks have stopped! The only significant downside is that I suspect the Netgear Dual-band N router is currently out of the working system - the iMac is connecting over the ethernet network, via the Homeplug & it's Airport N card is connected to the Netgear Dual-band N router.


My living room speakers that are connected to the Airport Express do not work when I switch-off the iMac's Airport N card.


The AE is connecting wirelessly to the Netgear N router but has picked up an IP address from DHCP on the broadband router!?


All very confusing...


The Apple Remote app is much better than Remote Buddy in my opinion. The overall speed of response, coverart browsing & album tracklisting features all stand out. I'm about to devote some serious time to classifying my library by genre next I think.


Best wishes,



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