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Interesting side effect...


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Had a small epiphany as I sat listening to Tidal the last few nights. I was listening through the desktop app instead of going through Roon to get a feel of sound quality differences between the two approaches and discovered a side effect of listening through the desktop app. I didn’t have remote control. Therefore I found myself listening to an album. All the way through.  Because I didn’t have that cornicopia of albums at my fngertips I found myself searching a bit more closer for what I wanted to listen to and then listening to it all the way through whereas with Roon I find myself all over the map too quickly. Impulse control notwithstanding, it did strike me as much more how I used to go and search for what I wanted to listen to and sitting down and listening instead of it always taking me down different rabbit holes. One way is not necessarily better but definitely different. 


Oh, and yes, I like the sound of Tidal through the desktop app better.......I think.

What says others?


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Have had the same experience.  That is one thing that was better about CD vs LP.  No need to flip the record.  Early on when I had CD players without remote I carefully picked something that maybe wasn't good on every track, but at least something I didn't want to skip.  And listening that way is a different experience.  In fact some recordings were put together with that listening to the whole disc approach in mind.  


Now I sometimes have play lists that get repeated too often.  My music is all local when 'seriously' listening.  Or I'll decide to make up a new "cool fall evening play list" or "hot summer playlist"  or whatever.  So there is lots of skipping around to build that list myself. 


And then there are times I decide to actively go look for new music.  Narrow it to a genre, check youtube or vimeo or soundcloud.  Then bounce around to similar artists I haven't heard.  That can be fun. 

Then one of my friends will sometimes play a short game of, "show me some good music I probably haven't heard".  This will involve 5 or 6 of us who sort of keep a list when we hear something new for such sessions.  


So yes the old whole album method is really good.  I find it the most relaxing, or a deeper approach to recorded music.  Fortunately it isn't the only game in town.  Just don't forget how to return to it when you need it. 

And always keep in mind: Cognitive biases, like seeing optical illusions are a sign of a normally functioning brain. We all have them, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, but it is something that affects our objective evaluation of reality. 

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For me, Roon has gotten me to listen to full albums again. Why? Because with Roon I am listening to more classical music so I am much less inclined to listen with "Shuffle" turned on. Now I am picking albums to listen to instead of playlists like I used to do. Why? Because I can't stand playlists unshuffled.....

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