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New Blue Coast Release: Meghan Andrews


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We missed Cookie Marenco at this Year's RMAF.   While I was bust setting up on Oct. 5th, Cookie was in the studio recording Meghan Andrews, his Bass guitarist Marco Ferrero and guest Larry Mitchell for three songs that are a delight.  At 2016 RMAF Meghan did a FlashJam in the Peachtree audio room that was amazing.  They had just met Larry Mitchell and they invited him along to play.  What resulted was simply amazing.  With this year's release, entitled "Sneak Peak", Meghan sings a cover of "Don't come around here no more" by Tom Petty, "I Can't Give Everything Away" by David Bowie and "Strange and Beautiful" by Aqualung.  All three are excellent and the addition of Larry adds a beautiful Electric Guitar tp the mix.  I highly recommend :)


Check out her album Here.




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