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What are some signs of optical drive failure? Is mine failing?

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Hi. I am beginning to experience inaccurate rips. Every other CD, or so, I import into iTunes are playing back with noticeable skips & quarks (distortion?). This begin to occur after updating iTunes to 9.0.3, from previous 9.0.2. It might all be a coincidence. I'm wondering if my optical drive is beginning to fail? I have an internal Matshita DVD-R UJ-825 in my iBook G4. The CDs I'm importing are in new & good condition. I'm able to re-rip them & get a good rip, eventually. I've noticed that I'll have a bad rip if the importing speed is below 5X (more like 1X - 3X). A good rip will occur more in the 7X & above range (usually it's more like 9X - 12X when it's working properly). Thanks for any confirmations on if the drive is beginning to fail or if there's any other suggestions (dirty drive?, etc) in advance.


iBook G4 1.33 GHz Power PC 1.25 Ram - iTunes 9.2.1 - 2nd Gen. Drobo via FW400

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a cd cleaninig disc (the ones with little brushes) .

If you smoke a lot or your enviroment tends to be dusty this happens on regular basis.

If this does not help, the laser lens has to be cleaned - but this has to be done really carefully . Google a bit how this is done.




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