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Symphonova Orchestra, pioneering human-machine integration, will utilize Dirac Live room correction technology

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Symphonova is a first-of-its-kind orchestra that blends the talents of twelve leading classical soloists with a breakthrough digital audio system comprised of custom-configured Symphonova Instrumental Loudspeakers, a gestural-based Symphonova Wand and eight 8/channels each Dirac enabled DDRC-88 by miniDSP.
Symphonova’s pioneering human-machine integration produces a world-class concert hall-caliber symphonic sound and experience with only a fraction of the ensemble – twelve soloists – and in any space, regardless of its acoustical imperfections, such as the cavernous ballroom of the 15th-century Herstmonceux castle.




More informations are available here: http://diracdocs.com/Symphonova.pdf
while those interested in attending may visit this page (all proceeds will go to charities): https://castleconcerts.yapsody.com/event/index/138116/castle-concerts-series-launch-concert




:) Flavio

Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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I've checked this as seen from a different post and it seems this is very well managed and thought through. One thing is to correct the loudspeaker for the environment but there is also some concert hall simulation ongoing but could not find more about that. If the instruments are recorded anechoicly then they can reproduce and create a sence of real instrument in given space with the right in room correction. I think Dirac will do a great job of that. But it would be nice to have some report (interview etc.) from this interesting event.


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