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J River to Multi zone


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Helllo all,


My goal is to setup J River to play multi zone to UPnP/DLNA devices. Going to a home theater system and 2 stereos. In principal, this will work. Purpose is not high definition in this application. Want to push synchronized music to multiple stereos for parties.


I'm running on windows 7 laptop and just downloaded the latest version of j river. I have a 2TB NAS device attached to new linksys dual zone N. I plan to rip my CD collection to flac to the NAS and also use internet radio content.


I purchased Western Digital TV Live boxes as the receiver. After about 4 hours of messing around with it, I couldn't get it to work using the the manufacturers software and recommended setup procedure (let alone trying to get J River to drive it). Last firmware update was about 8 months old and all the documentation referred to either xp or vista setup. Maybe something is not quite right about compatible with 7.


Has anyone successfully done this? Have advice on which upnp device actually works and how to setup J River to get best results?






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