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2 weeks ago ROON started sending a strange message "Transport:playback error_endpoint_drive_init_failed" and it would not  play. At the same time my Mac Mini(late 2012 i7 16GB RAM new WD 2TB harddrive) stopped recognizing my premultibit Gungnir DAC as did TIDAL, A+3 and Qobuz while still recognizing my ME2 DAC. This all happened after the Mac crashed while i was upgrading my iPhone7 to OSx 11.0.

After several attempts to restart the Mac using the 'command' and 'r' keys the Mac restarted but wouldn't recognize the Gungnir. Now all of a sudden( after 2 week hiatus) the MAC re-recognizes the Schiit DAC as does TIDAL, Qobuz, A+3 and even ROON. BUT... the ROON only plays 'high quality' with a green dot now through one zone, in another zone the Schiit DAC plays lossless with the blue/gray star but ONLY through the Mac's speakers! In another zone the blue music sound bars move up and down and I get lossless quality but no sound whatsoever! I have gone to preferences and to audioMIDI and clicked appropriate areas nothing changes. 

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

I even went from a yearly subscription of ROON to a lifetime subscription thinking I would get a new virgin blank DB to start all over again but just got my original app page back.


The ROON people have been extraordinary to say the least-I have sent them zip files of my ROONServer logs and RAAT, RAATServer logs and they are still working on this.One suggestion has been to delete all logs rename them 'old' and start with a totally clean ROON DB but then I got the 'Transport..." message problem cleared up(by magic or just a 'tincture of time') and ROON was playing again through the Schiit (albeit only in 'high quality' in one zone) and the Schiit DAC was re-recognized by the MAC and hence by all my streaming services-the only thing I don't have back is ROON playing in 'Lossless'. I would like to get lossless quality back on ROON.

Of note during all of this my Meridian Explorer 2 was always recognized by the Mac and all services including ROON and in lossless HiFi and MQA!

thanks bobbmd

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@NOMBEDES:Absolutely Not! still El Capitan so I haven't lost exclusive mode. Late yesterday in one zone labeled Schiit audio a symbol I have never seen before appeared it is a bright blue star called 'ENHANCED' so I guess its one level above 'high quality' and something less than 'LOSSLESS'(or is it the other way around-haven't heard back from ROON on that one) in the other Schiit zone I have 'HIGH Quality' with a green dot if I switch to ME2 i get 'LOSSLESS' and that is that blue/gray star I always used to see before the Mac crashed. Utterly bizarro!

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