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Is anyone still using EAC?


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I am about to start ripping, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. At some point everyone was recommending EAC, then the CA Academy recommended DBPoweramp... I was just wondering if there was something I was missing by using DBPoweramp instead of EAC....

Thank you for the responses!!



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Before spending the time ripping all your CD's, invest just a little to optimize setup for each and then compare to see if you hear a difference. If no, go for convenience (dbpoweramp is easier in my view). If yes, go with that one. Yes, without naming names, some prefer the resulting file's SQ generated from one program vs another (a controversial topic you can read lots about on this forum) :)


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I prefer audiograbber personally, but Silverlight makes a good point. If you are just starting take 2 or 3 for a test drive before ripping your CD's.


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Quote: "I use EAC. As stated earlier...Don't fix what ain't broke :)"


though I understand the feeling, I wonder where's the progression in that? If what you say is true you'd probably be on Mac OS 9 or Windows 2000. Personally I think it's great when people create such magnificent freeware, but it seems to me EAC is slowly becoming a dinosaur in software land. Personally I like to keep trying new things, today it's XLD, tomorrow maybe EAC is back on top... maybe a 1.0 release could do it LOL


Anyway I'm only saying this in good fun, but I wonder how we claim to strive perfection when it comes to audio, yet somehow we also stick to what we know and by now is old.


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it was "do any of you still use EAC"? I said "yes, I do". I haven't found a better one (and I'm always looking..something you implied was not going on for some reason). The fix-broken thing was just following up (with a smiley btw) on what an earlier poster said (i.e "as stated earlier"). I posed that this was the reason the OP hadn't heard much lately about EAC...it just isn't a big problem or a big change point for people.


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