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Itunes Import art problem


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running on a MAC


Selecting all the songs in an album, right clicking to select "get info" allows entry of tags and album art. Double clicking in the Artwork box brings up a dialog to select the image. I choose the image (250x250 72dpi jpg) it shows up in the artwork box with the selection checked, I click OK and it does not work--no image in itunes.


Am I missing something?


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Hi David - You files are WAV format. iTunes can't embed album art like that. I recommend converting the files to AIFF within iTunes. AIFF supports artwork like you want.


To convert the files go to iTunes Preferences, change your import settings to AIFF. Close Preferences. Highlight your WAV files, right click and select Create AIFF Version...


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I converted the file and sure enough it worked.


Two other questions:


1 Do I loose anything sonically going to aiff?


2- I have two albums now in wav (The doors & Tigerlilly) that I was able to import album art in Itunes by telling Itunes to get artwork. A 3rd, Pat Benetar did not accept art. Is there something different about those albums? The files came from DVDa-Explorer a ripped DVD-A.


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David, that PDF is the same as the word doc I sent you. CoverArtServer.py is a great solution if you wanna stay WAV...and it grabs non-Itunes art too (normal iTunes only gets art if the album is also available in the iTunes store)


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thanks to all for this additional info, and also to Eloise for her response in an earlier thread this week. Personally in the end decided to stay with wav on the home system, half of the imported CDs come with artwork anyway. I then realised that I don't need artwork really, the screen is turned off when I listen on the big system!! Car radio + ipod is a different story, all in apple lossless and pics, imported from the Imac (not the mac mini + amarra mini used in the big system).

finally on wav versus aiff, am not sure yet but I seem to note a slight preference for the wav format, a little more body and tridimensionality. Everything else, dynamics and detail, seems the same. Do any of you have similar experiences?


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