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Hi all, (Flavio)


this is just a crazy idea of mine that has come to me lately. I've been thinking of one more usage scenario that could work for me where Dirac room correction could be applied.

This came to me after I've been using the Atmos plug-in (filter)  for headphones on the Xbox one. Since I am not gaming that much on the xbox I regularly use it as a Bluray player and with the Athmos filter for the hadphones for the late evening movies it's kinda nice. It can't really simulate the front front but that's a different topic.

So using Dirac Demo on my Media laptop I really can't watch Bluray movies unless I rip them somehow (with MakeMKV etc.) and that's a shame. Also I am not buying a new AVR for 1k+ just to have the Dirac on board to do this nice "trick" with the blurays.


So the main idea would be to have the profile stored on the xbox (like the recent Atmos addition) and go from there (decode->dirac->AVR). And now with Spotify running on the Xbox as well the filter could really put to a really good use for my music playback! What would you think of that! Now realistically. I know this never gonna happen....ever:(( But imagine the crowd that this solution could reach. I don't mean the hard core audiophiles like you guys but that kind of guys (like me) who are tech savy enough to install the crazy Athmos thing and even pay for it in the end!


And second, sorry I am not done yet. Please make Dirac a monthly subscription! Ehm What!:DD I hate monthly subscriptions I really do but unfortunately since there is no chance to get this piece of SW cheap (400-650euro). It only would make sense to make it available with this option as well. This would help to prolongate the Demo period and quit anytime as well come back (or use anywhere) the beloved correction. We have to make it accessible anywhere and any time possible:)) 


Please this are just ideas, no harm intended! Comments are welcome. Juraj (Youreye)

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