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HQPlayer and Network Audio Daemon on Odroid

richard kimber

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I've been having problems getting HQPlayer on my Ubuntu 17.04 PC to see my DAC 8 DSD using USB. It does sometimes work but often not. I therefore wondered whether using the Network Audio Daemon would be a way round this. I have an Odroid XU4 with Max2play and this works fine with Squeezelite using a USB connection to the DAC. Would the Network Audio Daemon run on the Odroid with Max2play, and would this be a practical solution that would allow me to play files upsampled to, at least, DSD 128 using HQPLayer on my i7 PC?  I also have a Raspberry PI 3 that I could use, but I think the Odroid is a better machine.  If this is a feasible approach , which NA image should I choose? Any other hints or suggestions would be welcome.

LMS on Odroid XU4; HQPlayer on i7-8700; iFi iGalvanic; T+A DAC 8 DSD; Benchmark AHB2; Quad ESL 2805s + two Acoustic Energy subs.

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