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Quiet Laptop


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For those of us who


1) might like to do the C.A.P.S. thing but also might like a computer that could do a fair amount of other stuff (and it happens to be about 8 feet from me - thus ABSOULUTE QUIET is not absolutely required) AND would like it to be portable

2) Would like a "largish" screen (at least not a netbook) - so one could see a fair amount of files, file info, lyrics, etc without incessant scrolling


Could someone recommend a latop that would do USB DAC and would be very, very quiet


It is impossible in the PC store to judge noise with the stereos and TV's going at 110dB each.


Or are they all about the same now a days?


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You might want to check out Samsung Notebooks, as most of them (but to my knowledge not all!) sport a feature called "Silent Mode" (sic!), where the processor-speed is limited to around 50 percent of the nominal rate. And there is a setting in the BIOS,which enables you to completely shut of the fan. It will only come back to life when there is need for, so this should give a real quiet performance.


I´m using a Dell Vostro 1720 and have used the energy-options settings to do the same - set the max. CPU speed to 50 percent.

But I´m not getting a total silent operation (besides the harddisc of course), because 'm currently using my EMU USB 0404, which is a BIG ressource hog (the driver isn't on par with the quite good performance of the interface).


In the next weeks I will do some testing with other interfaces, and hopefully, they don't eat up that much processor speed.





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