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OT: Laptop Question

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First off, Chris, I hope you don't mind me posting this as a question as I hope someone might know the answer...


My sister is looking for a new laptop; she's currently got an old Asus EEE with 9" screen and wants something similar sized with with more power / disk space / etc. Does anyone know how an Intel Pentium Dual Core ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) compares in speed/power to an Intel Atom? The Pentium ULV is 1.3GHz and the Atom 1.6GHz - but we all know headline speed rating isn't everything. The advantage (I see) of the Pentium ULV is that it supports 2 (or 4GB even) of memory whereas the Atom is only 1GB. The Pentium ULV is also around £100 more expensive.


Thanks for looking and commenting.






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The motherboard in the C.A.P.S. with an Atom N270 processor supports 2GB of RAM...




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I believe the latest Netbook platform is the N450 coupled with the NM10 Express chipset. It's dekstop/nettop companion being the dual core D510, also with the NM10 chipset.


A google for 'N450 Netbook' will give you some idea of what's out there. There are rumours of slightly larger netbook options using the D510 option but they just seem to be stories at the moment, rather than actual product!


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