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Would the Onkyo A-5VL be a good DAC/Amp?


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I am trying to put together an affordable computer hifi system. I have a Dell Latitude laptop and some speakers and was wondering whether it was a good idea to try to connect the Dell to the Onkyo A-5VL, which is an amp with an inbuilt DAC.


The problem is that the Dell does not have an optical or coaxial digital out, so I would have to find a way to get from the Dell to the Onkyo - which has no USB in.


Any advice would be welcome.





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Hi tz1963 - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. What you need is a USB to S/PDIF converter. They run in price wildly. A fairly cheap one is the Bravo http://www.audiophileproducts.com/bravo , a medium priced one is the USB Link http://www.belcantodesign.com/Belcanto_usb_link.html , and a more expensive one is the Diverter http://www.cryo-parts.com/sonicweld_diverter.html


These are just three of many products that you can use.


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Thanks Chris for the speedy reply.


I'll look for a usb-s/pdif converter.


Do you know if the M2Tech Hi-face is any good? It has 24/192 which looks better (on paper) than the 24/96 converters you normally find - or am I being misled by the high numbers?


Also do you know if the A-5VL is as good as it looks on paper?


Thanks again,




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Hi T - First and foremost do not get caught in the numbers game. Higher doesn't always mean better sound just as version 2.0 isn't always better than version 1.0. That said, there are many very happy Computer Audiophile readers using the HiFace. I've never used it so can't really render an opinion on the sound. I've heard the design is pretty good from a couple people in the industry.


I have no idea about the A-5VL.


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Hi – what about the Firestone Audio Bravo Converter? The price seems right and I am thinking to buy one. I would use it to stream 24bit/96khz files from the PC to the DAC. I have also read that the Bravo will reduce jitter from the digital input signal and provide a much better output signal for the DAC. Any comments on the device and the effectiveness of the jitter re-clocking?


Thanks, Roberto



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