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Apple PowerMac G5 Purchase q.


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So to reiterate, most posts that I have read here recommend the dual 2.0 g5 with Tiger and PCI slots.


In my search for used machines I am finding very few dual single core 2.0 machines and several dual 1.8 single core units. For those here that have heard or used both, is there any noticeable difference in sound quality / fan noise / remote screen sharing performance that I should be aware of. I will hold out for a 2.0 if there is any noticeable negative differences on the 1.8.



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There are a few 2.0 single core x2 machines showing up that are 2003 and 2004 machines with the pci-x ports and max 8gb memory. They dont have tiger, but I can easily pick up a copy on the cheep.


Can anyone comment on the performance of these machines if they are better / worse / similar to the recommended early 2005 pci only units that can handle up to 4gb. The specs on the older machines actually look a little better but I am unsure of if there is any difference in the important components like the power supply.


Any input would be appreciated as I would like to build a better machine to use with an alpha dac. Thanks.


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I have here:


Macbook, Macbook Pro, MacMini, and a Powerbook G4 and they all sound the same ( AIFF files ) feeding either a Benchmark HDR or a Bel Canto DAC. In fact I prefer the G4 as it is the most quiet machine.






BM DAC1/HDR --> ATC SCM 100ASL[br]BM DAC1--> Genelec 8020/Beyer T70[br]Apogee Duet2 --> Stax 007T/404[br]Apogee Duet2 --> Genelec 6010A/Beyer DT1350[br]

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