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Then I am man enough to admit when I am wrong. Per usbdac's web site there are other DAC's that do use the chip.


Priced from $7500 71A outputs, Silver upgrade +$7500, Volume Control +$750 WE101L/M +3dB output +750, Telefunken RE134 +5dB price on request.

Standard 16/44.1 DAC Module uses the TDA1543N2 (top 5% select dac chip) with Shinko Tantulum resistors for passive I/V and no filtering.


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Not really a big deal. Too much is being made of nothing here.


You seem to be describing the old Crimson with the Transcendental module. Today most are sold with the Numerator module-Wolfson 24/96. The Denominator module ESS Sabre 32 will be available in production soon. 24/96 in the present Crimson, 32/192 in the future Crimson with new USB chip.


Wavelength Silver Crimson/Denominator USB DAC, Levinson 32/33H, Synergistic Research Cables and AC cables, Shunyata Hydra V-Ray II with King Cobra CX cable, Wilson Sasha WP speakers with Wilson Watch Dog Sub. Basis Debut V Vacuum turntable/ Grahm Phantom/Koetsu Jade Platinum. MacBook Pro 17\" 2.3GHz Quad Core i7, 8GB RAM, Pure Music, Decibel, Fidelia, AudioQuest Diamond USB Cable.

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