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drawbacks to wav files in itunes on a pc?


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I have a pc and and have been experimenting with formats to rip in. Since I am on a pc I am not using aiff, I have been able to rip in iTunes into a wav file and get album art (which was one of the old drawbacks I guess). What are the drawbacks if any to using wav on a pc machine using iTunes?


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Hi bigsky - I addressed the pros and cons to ripping formats in the following article. Are you certain iTunes is supporting album art for WAV files? If you right-click a track and get info does the artwork display on the artwork tab?






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Thanks for the heads up on the article, I had scanned it before and did find most of the information. I currently have most of my collection ripped into FLAC and use Media Monkey based upon the info I have found on this site, but have been experimenting with iTunes lately on a separate computer and using the remote to change selections,volume etc. I have ripped about a dozen CD's using iTunes using the built in wave encoder. When the disc is finished being ripped the album shows up with the album name and artist. I have just gone to the advanced tab and selected get album art and there is is, it appears in the iTunes computer interface as well as on the remote under albums. When you right click on the track in iTunes and select get info as you said it shows the file is a .wav and it show track inform as well as album art. I have shut down the computer and disabled the internet connection and the album art and associated info is still there. If you open up windows and explore by folders under music you have the iTunes Music Folder and there is also a Album art folder. It seems to work any opinions on why the album art appears with wav files?


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IIRC (not tested it recently) iTunes will show album art for albums it can find in the iTunes Store and these are stored in the AlbumArt folder you referred to. What you can't do is add your own art where the album isn't found or where you want to change the artwork.


The second drawback of using wav files with iTunes is that (ecauae iTunes doesn't support tags embedded in wav files) if you remove a file from the iTunes library, then reimported it the file will have no tagged information except for file name.






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