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Looking for a Weiss DAC2 second hand

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The only seller in US is Vintage King for the DAC2. They sometimes have demo units. And also will give a discount if you call direct and ask for best price rather than buying through the website.


You may get lucky and find someone upgrading from DAC2 to the DAC202...


Nyal Mellor, Acoustic Frontiers LLC.

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There are two currently listed on Audiogon:








Ubuntu Linux box (i7-12700K, 12 cores, 32GB RAM, Intel X520-DA1 NIC, HQP Desktop) > fiber > MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+ > fiber > fitlet2 (HQP Embedded OS - NAA) > T+A DAC8 DSD > Rogue Audio DragoN > Klipsch La Scala — digital volume control with HQP, DSP with HQP convolution 

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