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MAC disk tool?

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Hello all,


Can someone please suggest a program I can run to test HHD to make sure they are not DOA when I get them? I am building a RAID5 setup with a QNAP and I don't want to just plop in drives and start making the array and find I have a bad disk. I'm going to be using WD or Seagate drives.


MAC only remember.


Thanks alot!




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It can only check the disk after it has been setup in the RAID array. From what I know. I just don't want to go through all the work of setting it up and then finding out say one of the disks are bad. Does that make sense or am I making this harder than it should be.


I might call QNAP tomorrow and ask them but AFAIK the scan is for only when the disks are formatted and setup in the RAID Array.


any incite would be real cool!


What about disk utility can I just do a scan of an unformatted disk if I have it hooked up through one of those SATA USB dock converter thingies?




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Hi Jim - You're probably making it more complicated than it really is, but if you've never done this before I can understand why. The most work you would go through is putting the drives in the NAS and clicking a few buttons before the disk would be labeled as bad. Plus, if there is a bad disk after the RAID is setup you can pull it out and replace it on the fly while still using the rest of the disks.


I'm not sure you can scan an unformatted disk with Disk Utility.


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Ya never did this before. My NAS setup right now is a WD hooked up to my AE. Little diff. I know I am prop making this harder than it is. Very paranoid about this switch for some reason! LOL


I'm still not sold 100% on the QNAP. I have a email into Thecus re: a the 5500. I know the 5200 is on it's way out so it has the older processor and the older GUI. I don't know about the 5500 so waiting for an answer.


They are all so similiar. What I like about the QNAP is you can have it send you SMS if something goes wrong and more so you can set up a daily quick scan and a weekly deep scan for safety. The Thecus you have to do the scan manually.


I know these aren't deal breakers but the just putting it out there.


Any insight.




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Great heavens, if you have a modern drive reporting bad sectors, pull that bad boy and take it back! All modern drives are quite smart enough to avoid reporting bad sectors, if they have any, to the OS.


Think of it like buying a really choice Amp with tubes that just don't get hot enough. Something isn't right.





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