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Thanks, I didn't think it was possible, it just seems like it should be able to do it. You have your albums, playlist, etc. Why not ad the radio button, it would be a sweet feature. Also does anyone know if you can use the remote application on the new iTab? I great large display would be great.


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and go back and forth between Remote (to control iTunes) and VNC (to manipulate the server via screen share). I have a couple of favorite internet radio station shortcuts on the server I can get to easily with VNC, but I also use VNC to play multiple stations on Pandora. Don't know if it'll help you but it seems to work fine for me.


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I knew I had done it before, just couldn't remember how. So just minutes ago, I tried it again and it started coming back to me.


It is really very simple.

Create a playlist in iTunes- let's call it "Internet Radio". It will now show up in the left column.

With the itunes window open; in the left column under Library, click on Radio.

Choose whichever radio stations you desire and manually drag them to the "Internet Radio" playlist.


Open Remote on your iphone or touch. Touch on the "playlists" button on the bottom of your screen.

All the radio stations you dragged into the playlist folder now appear. Touch the one you want to listen to.

If the radio station you chose discloses the current song it's playing that will show up in iTouch screen at the top, just as if you were playing an album.


The only thing you can't do is add new stations from the "Remote" app. They do have to be pre-selected

from your computer or through screen sharing.




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